All bait, ice, tackle, and rods included

Booking Your Trip


Pick your targeted species and date

We specialize in evening striped bass trips, but also run full and half day bottom fishing trips.  If you're looking for that trophy striped bass, we recommend booking an evening trip during the weeks of the full or new moon in July, Aug, or Sept.  We run bottom fishing trips (half or full day) from May-Oct.

What to bring

On the day of your trip, we recommend planning to be at the boat 30 mins early as Hamptons traffic can be bad in the summer.  You should bring the following items with you:

 - Cash to pay for the balance on your trip plus gratuities for the mate.  Mates work on tips.  15-20% of the fare is customary.

 - Sunblock  (SPF 30+)

 - Hat & Sunglasses

 - Camera

 - Sea sickness medication:  If you haven't been out before or have a history of seasickness.  (Don't overindulge with alcohol the night before)

 - Food, water, snacks

 - Cooler to leave in you vehicle to transport fish home.

What to wear

Dress in layers.  On the ocean, it's usually 10-20 degrees cooler than it is on land.  Conditions can also change rapidly, especially at night.  If you dress in layers you can adjust up and down accordingly.

Wearing deck boots, rain boots, or any other waterproof boot is also recommended.  If not, wear flat, non-slip shoes.  Sandels and flip flops are NOT recommended.


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